The Hat 365

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If you’ve paid any attention at all you would gather that I love to take head shots. I like up close and personal see who you are shots. I’m always trying to capture the “essence” of a personality in a moment in time.
In order to take great head shots it takes amazing available light or improvised amazing lights via soft boxes and flashes. After I got my full frame camera I knew I wanted to dive into the photography pool a little deeper. That’s where amazon comes in. I found a good deal on a larges speedlite soft box and Yongnuo flash with triggers. I generally like to stick with canon all the way but budget restraints and the ‘I want it now factor” won me over. the Yongnuos’ have a great reputation so I jumped.
I’ve about used the Bearded One up photo-wise so Sister Sandy was kind enough to come over and be my guinea pig. A much needed guinea pig because I don’t really have a clue as to what I’m doing.
An interesting thing happened during the shoot. I took oodles of images moving flashes and sister ¬†around and got some okay shots but nothing to write¬†home about and then I gave Sandy a hat. Sister Sandy loves hats. It was magic. Just like Frosty the Snow Man, once she put the hat on she came to life. Her eyes sparkled and the smile was genuine and I couldn’t get a bad shot.



Hats off to you sis –Rhondi

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