#@*$&)*#$! Jowls



One of the downfalls of getting older is my skin and its down -fall. I’m talking about the lower portion where there used to be a nice jaw line.  Now it sags down making what cannot be called anything but jowls. I can handle laugh lines, I’ve always thought they give a bit of character, but the jowls caught me off guard.  I know! I will just get a shorter mirror, then when I look in it, I will just see my laugh lines and go on with my life knowing that I am a woman of character.


I Get Started On A Project….Again


Sandy’s House



Our house is a wonderful 1920’s bungalow. It has tons of character and tons
of projects.

The project at hand is our kitchen. It started with a new
French door refrigerator found at the scratch and dent for a great price and
a commercial range we got for a song on ebay. The new appliances did not
fit with the existing cabinets, so out they went. We replaced the old,
steep steps to the basement, so I decided to use the wood from the steps
(beautiful old growth douglas fir) to build the cabinets. “Oh she builds
cabinets” you are thinking. Well…. not really. I have done lots of finish
work and smaller projects, but never actual cabinets. The problem is I was
raised with the notion that I could do anything. Just read how and do it. [Read more…]

A Real Summer…

Today's pickings

Today’s pickings



This spring I had inkling. You know….a feeling, knowing that you know with no reasoning, a thought that just won’t go away. I had an inkling that this was going to be THE summer. A REAL summer. [Read more…]