Pizza Fritters… who knew?


Keto friendly pizza fritters

This should really be posted in  but I wanted to show off my little peppers and tomato. For those in the know and also those who don’t care, I’m on a ketogenic diet in which every other day I skip breakfast and lunch (known as intermittent fasting). Today was the day that I don’t eat anything after 6:00pm, so I knew I had to come up with something before my “window of opportunity” shut down. Problem was I wasn’t very hungry, nothing in particular called to me and it had to be high fat, adequate protein, and low carb.  I had had chicken thighs for lunch (dark meat is better) so I wasn’t hankering for meat and veggies. An idea sprang from my now fat-fed brain cells. I grabbed a bit of almond flour put it in a bowl and added an egg and some seasoning. To that I added some grated cheddar cheese, diced up pepperoni, a quarter of an heirloom tomato, a pinch of oregano, a little heavy cream, and stirred. I heated up the skillet added butter and coconut oil (avoided too high a heat) and plopped little fritter like creations into the sizzle.


Little fritter-like plops of goodness. Did I mention butter? Coconut oil?

The smell that permeated the kitchen reminded me of old-fashioned mac and cheese  crisping in the oven. Would have smelled really lovely if I’d been hungry. I was afraid. Very afraid. What on earth had I done. My window of opportunity was closing and this is what I was going to be having as my last supper. The “Bearded One” looked on as I dished up a couple and put them on my plate. I tentatively picked up my fork and cut off a small bit. On closer examination it looked pretty good actually. It had a nice “done” corn-bready texture. Here goes, says I, and I popped it in my mouth. It was good. It was actually really good. I added a dollop of sour cream (need that fat) and it became sublime. Even the
“Bearded One” ate a couple of the “fritters de jour”.  A side note: If  the “Bearded One” hadn’t read  Keto Clarity, he would of thought I’d gone nuts eating all this saturated fat. My oh my!