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So glad you stopped by. This is where we gather some of our favorite things, hopes, inspirations, and occasional blunders. We are getting older, a bit wiser we hope, and on our way to living the lives we'd always imagined.

Come on in...the waters fine.  Okay sometimes maybe a little murky, but fine. Really.


Another sign 365


Another sign that spring is on it’s way that takes me back to my childhood. Us kids rushed to pick a bunch of pussy willows for mom as soon as we saw the first buds.

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I love the rainy night 365

a little competition

As much as I enjoyed the nice weather we had and the ability to work outside, I love the rain that comes after even more. I know, crazy, right? But the truth is I am not ready for all the responsibilities that come with the nice weather.  More weeding. Mowing. Planting the garden. Today I […]

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Rainbow 365


I came home after work to discover that my neighbors seem to be the recipients of a large pot of gold. Probably just as well because I don’t know what I’d do with the sudden flush of fame and riches. -Rhondi

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A little color on a gray day 365


Look what I found peeking out on the bottom of my camellia bush! A bit of color to brighten my day. -Sandy

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