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So glad you stopped by. This is where we gather some of our favorite things, hopes, inspirations, and occasional blunders. We are getting older, a bit wiser we hope, and on our way to living the lives we'd always imagined.

Come on in...the waters fine.  Okay sometimes maybe a little murky, but fine. Really.


Down on the Farm “old style” 365


Digital photography has come such a long way and the ability to edit with a stylus rather than dodging and burning in a darkroom means that we have a whole smorgasbord of effects to choose from. Ironically, I seem to gravitate to the old film styles. I wanted to give a timeless look to this […]

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Busy outside 365


I’ve been busy cleaning up the beds outside. I will post more pictures when the rains come and I am inside more. -Sandy

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Just because 365


My 9 year old granddaughter paid us a visit this weekend and watching her has opened my eyes to a piece of life that I need to embrace more. As soon as she got here she went outside to work on her “fairy garden”. She worked in the rain, gathering interesting things to decorate with. […]

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Crooked 365


A crooked birdhouse on a soggy day. A little brighter version – Rhondi

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