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So glad you stopped by. This is where we gather some of our favorite things, hopes, inspirations, and occasional blunders. We are getting older, a bit wiser we hope, and on our way to living the lives we'd always imagined.

Come on in...the waters fine.  Okay sometimes maybe a little murky, but fine. Really.


Our gentle giant 365


This is our ram. He is a shetland/jacob cross and looks a bit scary with his big horns. His looks can fool you though. He is very gentle and has never tried to butt us.   He hangs around with his pal,  a nigerian dwarf goat, who sometimes uses him as a stool to stand on to get branches that […]

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Out my window 365


My desk sits under the west window of our dining room. I love looking out the window while I am doing bills or doing things (like this!) on the computer. I have several bird feeders in the side yard, so I get to watch all the different birds flitting about.  The blossoms on the camilila right […]

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Do I dare 365


My sister has been teaching me a lot about photography and photoshop. I have been her model for many new ideas that she has and she is able to make me like myself in them. She is the most talented photographer I have seen. I love to look through her galleries of photographs over and […]

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I need to remember my camera 365

Looking at the baby

I love my camera, but for some reason (age???) I forget to grab it when I go places. Today I went to my granddaughter’s B. day party and there were so many opportunities to take some great shots, and all I had was my phone. I decided to use one of the pictures but had […]

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