Mom, Dutch Bros., and thank you Isaak 365

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dutchbrothersThis post is actually my yesterday and today combined. The Dutch Bros. Breve’ Latte was purchased on my way home from work today. It was delicious and exactly what I needed. Adding to the flavor was the fact that it was a freebie that came with my full punchcard.

The other two photos that I’m including I found while combing through my image files. These came off Mom’s camera, probably on one of my “here let me download these so you’ll have a copy” occasions. I’ve never seen these. they were off by themselves in an unnamed folder. As soon as I saw this photo I smiled. Anybody that knows my mom will see that this image contains a treasure-trove of “mom” details.

I first notice that the Hal Lindsy Report is highlighted on her tv screen. Her boots and crocs are near the back door, and her “tiny house” is filled with the coolest stuff. I also like that her piano is in the shot. I have no way of knowing when this was taken but I do think I know who took it.


Her puzzle partner. Thanks Isaak.  Great shot. -Aunt Rhondi

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