I Get Started On A Project….Again

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Sandy’s House



Our house is a wonderful 1920’s bungalow. It has tons of character and tons
of projects.

The project at hand is our kitchen. It started with a new
French door refrigerator found at the scratch and dent for a great price and
a commercial range we got for a song on ebay. The new appliances did not
fit with the existing cabinets, so out they went. We replaced the old,
steep steps to the basement, so I decided to use the wood from the steps
(beautiful old growth douglas fir) to build the cabinets. “Oh she builds
cabinets” you are thinking. Well…. not really. I have done lots of finish
work and smaller projects, but never actual cabinets. The problem is I was
raised with the notion that I could do anything. Just read how and do it.
This has helped me a lot in life. I just jump in and do things. But it also
can be a detriment. I tend to get myself way over my head, which is why my
kitchen is not done. I hate to say how many years it has been since I
started the cabinets. All my excuses would fill up this page, but I will
spare everybody and just admit that  the main reason is a bad case of


Sandy’s kitchen project begins


Sandy’s kitchen project begins


Sandy’s kitchen project begins


Sandy’s kitchen project begins

Today I hope to change that. My plan is to get the painting done. (Not so simple as this involves sanding down the bad texture job of the ceiling and putting up wainscoting). It has been about 13 years since it has been painted so it is way past due. I would also like to get the wood floor sanded down and refinished before the summer ends. This should brighten it up and get me motivated to finish all of the other parts of this project.

Stay tuned for updates.


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