Baby Shoot 365

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Yesterday was “baby shoot” day. I was able to use my new soft box and flashes so didn’t have to worry about shooting in a dark room. The kids traveled a great distance, about a hundred feet, (they live in our driveway) armed with baby, tutus, big brother, and hopeful expectations. We managed to get a lot of shots in and I am in the process of getting the keepers ready for web and print. The outtakes however give me the most pleasure. I find I’m not really a “posed” portrait kind of photographer.  I prefer to be second shooter at weddings and events because I like to capture what happens when the lens isn’t the focus.

LaurenWebThis is one of my favorite shots of the lovely Lauren, taken while she was looking at the main wedding photographer. Okay I am definitely digressing here. back to baby shoot.

As most of you know I putz with my images. I love the emotion conveyed by Norman Rockwell paintings so I tend to make art out of my friends and family.

newgirlWebMy Grandson has a definite Rockwell vibe so I totally take advantage of every opportunity. Enough babbling. Here are a few of my favorite outtakes. -Rhondi





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