Frogs and Stars 365


The last couple days have been warm and dry so I’ve spent my days weeding and pruning. Evenings I have sat out on my deck enjoying the stars and listening to the songs of the frogs. It seems like all of a sudden spring is on the way.  What a nice break from the winter blues. I wish I could take a picture of the stars, but no picture would do it justice. I thought of recording the sound of the frogs, but I don’t think it would come across as loud as it seems here in my back yard. All I have is a picture of a rusty star hanging on my deck and my musical frog playing his songs by my pond. I think I will put these pictures where I can see them during the rainy days that are sure to come so they can remind me that spring is almost here. -Sandy


The Perdue alpacas enjoying the sunset

The Perdue alpacas enjoying the sunset. Are they waiting for the stars and listening to frogs also?

And so it begins 365


It’s happening. Spring. Or at least it’s on it’s way. These cherry trees greet me early each year. Blink and you’ll miss it. I always want to be ready with everything just so in the garden so that when “spring” arrives I can just sit there and enjoy the splendor. Here in the Northwest it seems to come willy nilly. A little here, a little there, then boom before you know it summer is here and I’m behind. Well actually truth be known the “Bearded One” has been gardening all winter mowing, pruning, and moving plants about, everything is neat as a pin, edged and the grass is a glorious shade of “Wolberts Green” so the only preparing I will have to do is to drag my chair into a bit of sun and enjoy the show. I must say on my behalf that I did pick up a couple of packets of seed to start in the greenhouse and will get right on it as soon as the Mr. fills my soil bin. Life… it’s pretty good here on the prairie.- Rhondi


The following picture has nothing whatsoever to do with spring. Rock

Brilliant Colors in B&W 365

Sandy and I were invited to dine and craft with Lena and Danica this last Saturday. The food was amazing, the decor was inspiring and a great time was had by all. I’m sure that Sister Sandy has now posted some colorful pictures (we had dueling cameras) from the event and I was going to do the same but instead decided to do the unthinkable and tell the colorful story in black and white.
















What a great time… thanks again Lena and Danica. We’ll be back. -Rhondi














A crafty time 365


valentines galore

valentines galore

We had a great time with friends the other night. An excellent dinner with fruit, nuts and cheese for dessert. After dinner they got out a bunch of crafty stuff and we proceeded to make valentines. It was so fun to let our creativity flow. No wrong or right here, just cut, glitter and add ribbons as we pleased.

Sister crafting away. Notice the gin and tonic.

Sister crafting away. Notice the gin and tonic.

This is a picture of sister being crafty. Note it is just her hands and her camera. That is all I am allowed to take a picture of. In fact she just called and informed me of this fact. Threatened me actually. Sisters can do that. -Sandy

Lazy Coves and Red Wagons 365


Found this little red wagon surrounded by emerging tulips. I used a muted filter to add to the days gone by feel of the rusty wagon. It also takes away from the plastic hanger bits on one of the pots. If it was my wagon I could have just rearranged the pots. Now that I think about it I might rework this in photoshop and change it up a bit…
My first job was on this quiet little cove. Breathtaking. Was happy to have a little sailboat to shoot.


Happy Friday! –Rhondi

Silo in Satsop 365

McComb Silo

McComb Silo

Yet another silo. This is one I pass every time I turn off the freeway into Satsop. I did not notice it for years. It has no roof and is surrounded by lots of metal junk. What I call junk anyway. Old car parts, rusty containers and tractor parts. Man junk. I know, I am a snob. If it were surrounded by old wroght iron fences, spinning wheels and various garden stuff, I would think it was quaint! Poor silo. It looks like no one has loved it for years.  Oh well. It is loved now by me and I will keep it’s picture with all the others I collect, despite it’s junk and lack of roof. -Sandy

A Good Day 365

Great Granddaughter

Great Granddaughter

Ok. Back to regular life! I took my daughter and  her granddaughter to the store today, so got to take a few pictures. I also checked the nest box and lo and behold the chickens have started laying again.

first eggs of the season!

first eggs of the season!

Happy dance! -Sandy

Been a little busy 365

I’ve been slacking on the 365 project but not on the photo taking end. Had a very busy weekend With the United Way fundraiser.


This was my dinner. I wish that I had had the time to enjoy every morsel. The auction was going on whilst we were eating so I was running around trying to get shots without getting in the way of the festivities. Sheesh a whirlwind for sure, learned what to do better next time, uploaded everything on the site with the help of sister Sandy and am now trying to wind down. So let this be good enough. Back on schedule tomorrow.- Rhondi


I Love Moo 365


moo5I love, love, love Moo. It’s where I buy my business cards. The company is a designers dream. They are also very fast. I needed some business cards for the United Way Black and White Gala that I get to shoot this weekend. I wanted a unique way to let people know where they could view all the photos that will be taken online. Presentation, presentation, presentation. I ordered them on Sunday nite and waited excitedly for them to arrive.


I really like Moo because they not only think outside the box they include a box too!


I chose a square format. The paper is extremely heavy. They almost feel like bar coasters. Little works of art.


Thanks Moo! I am totally smitten and satisfied! Oh, and they were on sale… Boy do they make me look important. –Rhondi


Step away 365

unfinished or "shabby chic" blocks

unfinished or “shabby chic” blocks

I need to step away from these blocks. They have taken up so much of my mind for the last couple of weeks that I had to use them as “art”. I really liked the lines and shadows of them before they were painted, but I also had to get a shot of the finished ones.

Here they stand, looking so formal

Here they stand, looking so formal

Painted they look so formal standing there, which is really good since they will be part of a very formal affair. I felt like I should make them little bow ties!  I know. Step away from the blocks.  Okay. How about cows? That’s about as far away from blocks as you can get. -Sandy

Very nice neighbors to have

Very nice neighbors to have