Just because 365


My 9 year old granddaughter paid us a visit this weekend and watching her has opened my eyes to a piece of life that I need to embrace more. As soon as she got here she went outside to work on her “fairy garden”.


She worked in the rain, gathering interesting things to decorate with.




She made a sign, asked for all my vases, picked flowers and puttered blissfully in her garden. She even got Grandpa involved!



And she did all this JUST BECAUSE!  As I watched her my mind went back to when I was her age and loved to do things like this for the same reason she does it. JUST BECAUSE. It made me realize that I get so busy doing things BECAUSE  I have to, or BECAUSE I need to, or BECAUSE no one else will, that I forget that some of the most enjoyable things are done JUST BECAUSE! I think I will go pick myself a bouquet of flowers and make myself a cup of tea… JUST BECAUSE! -Sandy

Crooked 365


A crooked birdhouse on a soggy day.


A little brighter version – Rhondi

Under the weather 365

The tools of the day

The tools of the day

The saying “under the weather” really fits how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. I have been getting better, but just can’t seem to come out from under the clouds. The weather outside is matching how I feel, dark and dreary. Oh well. I’m sure that soon I will be as good as a nice sunny day. -Sandy

The dark skys did lift a little and I took this picture of some mini dafs too impatient to wait for spring

The dark skys did lift for a few minutes and I was able to get this picture of some mini dafs that are too impatient to wait for spring


Cover Art 365


It’s Farm Map time again and I am trying to come up with cover art. I’m using the lovely Danica for my “basket in the hands” model. The trouble with printing on newsprint is that vibrant colors tend to grey out and everything looks muddy. Still have a bit of work to do on this but waiting to see if the concept is a go or if I need to start over. Happy Monday Friends -Rhondi

A valentine for you 365


I know. It’s scary, but its all I’ve got today. Valentine’s day here is being spent on the couch with handkerchiefs in hand. No, not a sappy romance movie on tv, but drippy noses due to the wintertime cold that has hit both of us hard. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. -Sandy

“Tisket a tasket” Lenas in a basket 365

lenaBasket copy

I have definitely gone over the edge this morning. Was working on finishing up some tasks and went off the road a bit. Lena and Danica were kind enough to help me with a project where I needed hands, a basket, and an apron. Little did lena know that she would be put in a magical forest toting around a basket full of her mini selves. Heck I didn’t know it until about ten minutes ago. Got this out of my system, now I will get back to work.- rhondi

Another sign 365


Another sign that spring is on it’s way that takes me back to my childhood. Us kids rushed to pick a bunch of pussy willows for mom as soon as we saw the first buds.

I love the rainy night 365

a little competition

a little competition

As much as I enjoyed the nice weather we had and the ability to work outside, I love the rain that comes after even more. I know, crazy, right? But the truth is I am not ready for all the responsibilities that come with the nice weather.  More weeding. Mowing. Planting the garden. Today I caught up with the housework and other inside chores and then the mister and I sat down for a game of cribbage. I forgot all the rules so he had to explain them to me again and then I proceeded to win. BIG! Like I say, I love the rainy night! -Sandy

Rainbow 365


I came home after work to discover that my neighbors seem to be the recipients of a large pot of gold. Probably just as well because I don’t know what I’d do with the sudden flush of fame and riches. -Rhondi


A little color on a gray day 365


Look what I found peeking out on the bottom of my camellia bush! A bit of color to brighten my day. -Sandy