Pizza Fritters… who knew?


Keto friendly pizza fritters

This should really be posted in  but I wanted to show off my little peppers and tomato. For those in the know and also those who don’t care, I’m on a ketogenic diet in which every other day I skip breakfast and lunch (known as intermittent fasting). Today was the day that I don’t eat anything after 6:00pm, so I knew I had to come up with something before my “window of opportunity” shut down. Problem was I wasn’t very hungry, nothing in particular called to me and it had to be high fat, adequate protein, and low carb.  I had had chicken thighs for lunch (dark meat is better) so I wasn’t hankering for meat and veggies. An idea sprang from my now fat-fed brain cells. I grabbed a bit of almond flour put it in a bowl and added an egg and some seasoning. To that I added some grated cheddar cheese, diced up pepperoni, a quarter of an heirloom tomato, a pinch of oregano, a little heavy cream, and stirred. I heated up the skillet added butter and coconut oil (avoided too high a heat) and plopped little fritter like creations into the sizzle.


Little fritter-like plops of goodness. Did I mention butter? Coconut oil?

The smell that permeated the kitchen reminded me of old-fashioned mac and cheese  crisping in the oven. Would have smelled really lovely if I’d been hungry. I was afraid. Very afraid. What on earth had I done. My window of opportunity was closing and this is what I was going to be having as my last supper. The “Bearded One” looked on as I dished up a couple and put them on my plate. I tentatively picked up my fork and cut off a small bit. On closer examination it looked pretty good actually. It had a nice “done” corn-bready texture. Here goes, says I, and I popped it in my mouth. It was good. It was actually really good. I added a dollop of sour cream (need that fat) and it became sublime. Even the
“Bearded One” ate a couple of the “fritters de jour”.  A side note: If  the “Bearded One” hadn’t read  Keto Clarity, he would of thought I’d gone nuts eating all this saturated fat. My oh my!



#@*$&)*#$! Jowls



One of the downfalls of getting older is my skin and its down -fall. I’m talking about the lower portion where there used to be a nice jaw line.  Now it sags down making what cannot be called anything but jowls. I can handle laugh lines, I’ve always thought they give a bit of character, but the jowls caught me off guard.  I know! I will just get a shorter mirror, then when I look in it, I will just see my laugh lines and go on with my life knowing that I am a woman of character.


Day of selfies

I announce that today is officially selfie day!! It twas a BEAUTiful day on Quinault lake. And the selfies were a clickin…..first a me pic, ya know, just for the hell of it……:)


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I Get Started On A Project….Again


Sandy’s House



Our house is a wonderful 1920’s bungalow. It has tons of character and tons
of projects.

The project at hand is our kitchen. It started with a new
French door refrigerator found at the scratch and dent for a great price and
a commercial range we got for a song on ebay. The new appliances did not
fit with the existing cabinets, so out they went. We replaced the old,
steep steps to the basement, so I decided to use the wood from the steps
(beautiful old growth douglas fir) to build the cabinets. “Oh she builds
cabinets” you are thinking. Well…. not really. I have done lots of finish
work and smaller projects, but never actual cabinets. The problem is I was
raised with the notion that I could do anything. Just read how and do it. [Read more…]

A Real Summer…

Today's pickings

Today’s pickings



This spring I had inkling. You know….a feeling, knowing that you know with no reasoning, a thought that just won’t go away. I had an inkling that this was going to be THE summer. A REAL summer. [Read more…]


artsy pumpkin

The “bearded one’s” rescue pumpkin

The bearded one found this pumpkin growing in our compost pile. When it came time to turn over the pile he decided to save the little plant to see what it would become. It now is nestled near some small shrubs out in the back yard. The little fella has grown quite a lot producing a lot of lush green foliage and one lovely pumpkin. The bearded one has been watering it faithfully and it has responded by putting on some major growth. This will be the first year that we will have a nice large homegrown pumpkin gracing the front porch.  We are (at least the bearded one is) becoming quite the farmers out here on the prairie.



It’s hot outside. We live in the Pacific Northwest. When it approaches 70 degrees I begin to get uncomfortable. Today’s forecast is for 84, and  tomorrow’s  99. Yikes! Luckily here on the prairie we tend to get a lot of wind, which should help a little. The garden has done well so far, providing us with kale, snap peas, cukes, and carrots. Tomatoes are ripening thanks to the heatwave that we’ve been having.