The Hat 365


If you’ve paid any attention at all you would gather that I love to take head shots. I like up close and personal see who you are shots. I’m always trying to capture the “essence” of a personality in a moment in time.
In order to take great head shots it takes amazing available light or improvised amazing lights via soft boxes and flashes. After I got my full frame camera I knew I wanted to dive into the photography pool a little deeper. That’s where amazon comes in. I found a good deal on a larges speedlite soft box and Yongnuo flash with triggers. I generally like to stick with canon all the way but budget restraints and the ‘I want it now factor” won me over. the Yongnuos’ have a great reputation so I jumped.
I’ve about used the Bearded One up photo-wise so Sister Sandy was kind enough to come over and be my guinea pig. A much needed guinea pig because I don’t really have a clue as to what I’m doing.
An interesting thing happened during the shoot. I took oodles of images moving flashes and sister  around and got some okay shots but nothing to write home about and then I gave Sandy a hat. Sister Sandy loves hats. It was magic. Just like Frosty the Snow Man, once she put the hat on she came to life. Her eyes sparkled and the smile was genuine and I couldn’t get a bad shot.



Hats off to you sis –Rhondi

The Birthday girl 365


jims-mom1Today we went to my mother-in-law’s place to celebrate her 82nd birthday. There was no question about what my picture of the day would be!

Shadows and Eggs 365

IMG_2173-Edit-1Two things I am very thankful for. Shadows, because it has been overcast and foggy for days, and fresh farm eggs which have now returned after a long and barren molting season.


Here I will add a vigorous Hallelujah! –Rhondi

A little rusty around the edges 365

I love this little rusty trike!

I love this little rusty trike!


It has been a very lazy day, but I did get out the camera. Here’s a bit of some rust found around the property. -Sandy

I have a thing for old watering cans

I have a thing for old watering cans

Have you had your fiber today? 365

washed, carded and ready to spin

washed, carded and ready to spin

Saturday has become the day of the week that I try to fit in extra time for fiber. Not the eating kind, but the warm fluffy kind! Today I spun and plied some fiber that I had bought at the first Oregon Flock and Fiber festival that my mom, sister Rhondi and I attended.  The raw wool (unwashed) was from a texel sheep. They are known mostly for their big meaty lambs, but their fiber is nice too. Not super soft like a merino, but not itchy either. I washed it and dyed it with green kool-aid and carded in bits of other colors of wool that I had on hand.  I love the look of the un-spun fiber! I spun it up on my new Pocket wheel (thanks sis) and plyed it together to make a nice bulky yarn. I think this will become a simple, wear around the house sweater…… eventually. I love this whole process, and I will not just have a sweater to wear, but one that reminds me of the fun time we had at the festival. –Sandy 



Singles waiting to be spun together to make a bulky yarn


Plying together the singles on my pocket wheel

Plying together the singles on my pocket wheel


Won't this make a nice sweater!

Won’t this make a nice sweater!

The Eyes Have It 365


NicolesWallNicole was so kind as to lend me her eyes. Living next door has a price to pay. She felt sorry for me because The Bearded One, Karl, Sister Sandy and Maddee are usually my unwilling  unknowing subjects for all of my so call “Art Projects”. The last she knew she was being put in a blizzard. I instead decided to put her on a wall. She has great eyes. -Rhondi


Marbles and Cat Eyes 365

Monday, a slush day at work meaning we all stayed home. I spent way too much time on the computer playing with images. I completely forgot about my project 365 image until about 9:45pm. Whoops. I shot what I could. Tomorrows another day.

Jasper came in to visit.

And making sure I haven’t lost all of my marbles… –Rhondi



Santa was a busy guy today. –Sandy

Santa herding the sheep

Santa herding the sheep

Santa feeding the chickens

Santa feeding the chickens

Santa hanging with the boys

Santa hanging with the boys

A little creativity 365


Looking for a little scarlet to photograph on a very grey NW afternoon. Found it in an unlikely spot. Sandy

Vacation Time

This is the time of year that many people are planning for their vacations. I too am planning for my summer vacation.

My dream vacation would be renting a cottage in the French countryside for several months. I envision a slower pace of life. Plenty of time to do the things I love or nothing at all! Eating great food, fresh from the garden. Sipping sparkling water with fresh fruit floating in it to give it just a touch of refreshing flavor. Breathing in the sweet fragrance  from the abundance of colorful flowers. Walking in fields of green grass, while sheep lazily chew their cud, setting the pace for this stress free vacation.  Ahh. I can feel the troubles of my world just fading away at the thought of it!

Back to reality. That is a vacation that I cannot afford. On top of the money issue, I will be having surgery on my foot which means I will be confined to home for a while. So here is my for real vacation plan.

My Cottage.... more affordable

My Cottage…. more affordable

  1. I will stay at a cottage in country with lots of flowers and sheep in the fields. Instead of France it is here. My house fits the bill perfectly.
  2. I will do only what I love. I plan to do this by choosing to enjoy all that I do.
  3. I will cook with simple, fresh foods. Maybe I’ll try some new Mediterranean recipes.
  4. I will make even my water drinking experience enjoyable by experimenting with different fruits and drinking from beautiful glasses.
  5. I will stop feeling guilty for enjoying time for reading, knitting and spinning. This is my vacation, after all.
An enjoyable time

An enjoyable time

This vacation will not cost a lot of money, but it will cost a bit in the mind department.  I am so stuck in my “got to achieve” way of thinking that it may be a bit of a chore to let myself just enjoy this time.

I will let you know how it goes.