Beside Himself 365

Now Sister Sandy would say that she doesn’t like competition. Ha! Not True! Game on Sister! It’s photoshop wars…. That means of course that everything around us will go to a particular place in a particular type of basket while we feverishly bring our photo fantasies into being. But what fun! (Insert manic laugh here)
Here’s the Bearded One Beside Himself.


Foggy Bits 365


To say that today was a bit foggy would be an understatement. We crept at a snails pace until we reached the freeway where we could follow the ribbon of tail lights making their way to Olympia. I assumed that the fog would lift. It never really did. I saw a bit of blue sky in the distance but it disappeared before I could reach it. It did however make for some interesting images along the way. As usual it is really hard for me to leave images alone, so I didn’t. _Rhondi


The Eyes Have It 365


NicolesWallNicole was so kind as to lend me her eyes. Living next door has a price to pay. She felt sorry for me because The Bearded One, Karl, Sister Sandy and Maddee are usually my unwilling  unknowing subjects for all of my so call “Art Projects”. The last she knew she was being put in a blizzard. I instead decided to put her on a wall. She has great eyes. -Rhondi


Saving Stitches 365


Sister Sandy not only spun up a fine skein of “MoonShadow” yarn she also made me a beautiful set of stitch markers. Yay. I absolutely love them and if I ever get off this computer I will knit my hat. -Rhondi

A Ball of Yarn

My Sister Sandy is a spinner. Not so much as in dancing, although she certainly has been known to cut a fine rug, (more about that later) but a spinner of fiber. All kinds of fiber. She once made a “dog” hair hat that I have to admit was pretty cool. This time however she started spinning the alpaca fiber that we got when the girls were shorn. This ball of yarn came from my beloved Moonshadow. I think I shall make a hat. Thanks Sis! –Rhondi


New Years Morning Feeding The Birds 365


Happy New Year! The “Bearded One” braving the elements to restock the bird feeders. Actually I was up and out the door much earlier taking amazing early dawn pictures featuring the alpacas, frost, and pinky morning light only to discover that I hadn’t put the memory card back into the camera. Sheesh. Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I added a little fresh snow to the featured image. This is only effective with winter garb.

SnowyIllusionDoesn’t work so well with short sleeve shirts in the summer. -Rhondi

Chillin’ 365


A cold wintery morning here on the Prairie. The “Bearded One” giving the frost covered girls their morning carrots. Hmm… is it me or is the “Bearded One” going for the Charlton Heston “Ten Commandments” look. Oh well, spring will be here before we know it. Happy New Years Eve! -Rhondi

Wet Leaves 365

Today was a little foggy and damp. Hence today’s image. Wet maple leaves on asphalt. Not exactly a masterpiece for sure so I’ve also included a wet road done as a “tin type”. I can’t help myself I have to fiddle. –Rhondi


Snowy State of Mind 365

I always try to find an image or two during my workday. I wanted to find something that would reflect the essence of what I was feeling which was cold, damp, and gloomy. I could take pictures of wet leaves and decaying foliage but it would just look dull and not really come across as a “feeling” so I gave up on that idea completely. I noticed the still reflection in the water of this little lake so I thought I’d begin there. there isn’t really any focal point other than reflection so I decided to add a little flavor in the form of a gentle snow storm, mostly because sister Sandy has bemoaned the fact that everyone around her has witnessed at least a flake or two whilst she has gotten only rain. So this is for you sis. And yes I did get carried away. I could’ve stopped at a flake or two.

The original image


My version for Sandy

What I envisioned

Heck, I can make it snow anywhere. –Rhondi



Farm Map Time Comes Again 365

With the new year comes the Farm Map Project. We don’t put it out until March but there’s a lot that has to happen and coordinate before it goes to press. I’ve been doing the layout for a few years now. Luckily My friend Connie Alison has the fortitude and the gumption to chase down all the farms, farmers, and sponsors coordinating ads and such. Me, I get to paste it all together in Indesign, hoping I can make it all fit. I also do the cover art every year. This brings me to today’s image. Ive been working on several ideas, this one being my tribute to tomatoes… I don’t know that it will make the cover but it’s made it as far as my studio magnet board amongst the other “also rans”. Here is a closer look at the tomatoes.


Waterlogue 1.2.1 (66) Preset Style = Color Bloom Format = 10" (Giant) Format Margin = Small Format Border = Sm. Rounded Drawing = #2 Pencil Drawing Weight = Heavy Drawing Detail = Medium Paint = Natural Paint Lightness = Auto Paint Intensity = More Water = Tap Water Water Edges = Blurry Water Bleed = Average Brush = Fine Detail Brush Focus = Everything Brush Spacing = Wide Paper = Watercolor Paper Texture = Medium Paper Shading = Light Options Faces = Enhance Faces