Shadows and Charles Smith 365


As some of you know I get to shoot wine bottles. Specifically I shoot EFESTE and Charles Smith wine bottles. This means That I have a nice little supply of wine in the pantry. In honor of seeing shadows today I decided to break out the “Royal City” Syrah. Thanks Charles.


I came into the kitchen just in time to see this. I ran and got my camera. Next thing I know this is what I saw in my viewfinder.




Waiting for news 365

Lately I’ve been processing a lot of black and white images. I had made up my mind to bring a little color back into my world. I’m not really a big fan of red only photos but this version kept calling to me so here we are.



This is the “Bearded Ones” hat rack. As I’m shooting this he is at the local alpaca rescue center where our own Sabrina is staying due to a mysterious health issue that has caused her to stop eating for the last week. It’s 7:30 pm and I am waiting for the latest vet report. These girls of ours have become quite dear to us and it has been especially hard for The “Bearded One”. We had thought that things were looking up but she seemed to take a turn for the worse this morning so we wait. Here is dear Sabrina during the last cold spell.


Good News! After trying everything he could think of the vet sedated her and put a feeding tube down her throat and into her stomach. That must’ve dislodged whatever was keeping her from swallowing because as she came out of sedation she began to eat. Hooray! The “Bearded One” came home late, cold, and tired but a very happy camper indeed!

Saving Stitches 365


Sister Sandy not only spun up a fine skein of “MoonShadow” yarn she also made me a beautiful set of stitch markers. Yay. I absolutely love them and if I ever get off this computer I will knit my hat. -Rhondi

A Ball of Yarn

My Sister Sandy is a spinner. Not so much as in dancing, although she certainly has been known to cut a fine rug, (more about that later) but a spinner of fiber. All kinds of fiber. She once made a “dog” hair hat that I have to admit was pretty cool. This time however she started spinning the alpaca fiber that we got when the girls were shorn. This ball of yarn came from my beloved Moonshadow. I think I shall make a hat. Thanks Sis! –Rhondi


Chillin’ 365


A cold wintery morning here on the Prairie. The “Bearded One” giving the frost covered girls their morning carrots. Hmm… is it me or is the “Bearded One” going for the Charlton Heston “Ten Commandments” look. Oh well, spring will be here before we know it. Happy New Years Eve! -Rhondi